Don’t you just love it on warm summers day, you’ve woken up ready to skate and can’t wait to have a sesh with your mates, only to arrive at the skatepark to find massive swarms and hordes of scooter kids blocking every single path imaginable. Man, that’s just my favourite… I will give it to them, scooter kids can achieve the impossible. Managing to appear in front of you out of nowhere like some sort of teleporting freak is quite an impressive feat. although it puts both of us at risk. There are countless times I’ve had to sacrifice myself and abandon ship so i don’t end up accidentally caving one of their little skulls in. And in the end, it’s usually me that ends up getting hurt. Parents these days are just so intelligent. Letting their children use the skatepark as a playground and all the ramps as slides. It’s honestly bullshit  (mind my french). You must have the best common sense ever to watch your kid have numerous close calls and then get mad at the skater for doing their best to avoid them. Skaters would have no problem sharing the park with these little critters if they just knew some simple etiquette. But that is super-duper difficult to learn… go straight and acknowledge your surroundings. Jee wiz that took me years!

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